Are you open to change?

Through cHaNgiNg miNds - we will bring your team a totally new approach to change. One that is full of fun and play, but also one that gives each and every one in the team the chance to connect to their own goals and perspectives on their journeys. Through our facilitation, the logical brain will meet the emotional mind, and wonderful, insightful things will happen. Our methodology is based on our experience in corporate culture, creativity and brand strategy. 


Looking for 

- a mornin´boost? 

- a way to start up your own kickoff?

 - a creative injection after work?

Through artistic expressions and insights to creative thinking we promise you will leave with a new approach to change and an uplifted spirit. 


A two day workshop where we bring your strategy and team together into making lasting change.

Our focus is team culture, purpose, values and branding. 

We adjust our agenda and tools to your team through a custom designed process. 


 Do you know what your deepest skill of contribution is? 

 We all have a superpower - what we do best in the teamDiscovering what it is, as well as what your colleague´s superpowers are, will help you work with more ease. 

In one day you will get to know your team on a deeper level.

Why facilitate with us?

• We facilitate creative processes with clear strategic goals

• Our focus is team building and collaboration! 

• Experience from both corporate and artistic achievements 

• We tailor to your business needs through well defined processes

• We will give your team a real boost 

• Real value added to your organization

• Fun and interactive


Sissel and Allister come from a combination of corporate and artistic backgrounds. They have both been down the road of busy corporate schedules, many meetings and always looking for the next new idea. But they have also let go of all that to find their true artistic expression in their respective fields of painting and music. Their journeys have left them with great wonder about what the human mind is capable of and how efficiency can be so much more than racing against the clock. They believe the arts are a great tool to open minds for innovation and change. By playing with artistic expression and enabling us to use our senses, Sissel and Allister will bring you and your team to a deeper level of understanding and awareness.


Master in Engineering Acoustics

Opera singer and Musical artist

Facilitator and Teacher


Some clients:

World Economic Forum, Opera Software, Hydro, NHO, Norwegian Space centre, ASKO, Leading Edge, Munch museum.


Bachelor of Fine Arts

Strategic designer, brand developer and facilitator

NLP Business Practitioner

Artist and Art teacher

Some clients:

World Economic Forum, Opera Software, Implement Consulting Group, Asolvi, Telia.

Skjermbilde 2018-08-24 kl. 10.56.57.png

Sissel about Allister

"Allister is very passionate about music. He is an acoustic engineer, opera singer, musical performer, singing teacher and loves to make strange sounds that you didn't think his voice could make! He has a great combination of beeing very knowledgeable, engaged and entertaining! Always sharp minded and on his toes! He is a bit of a scientist and has to test out things before he makes up his mind. Quite the opposite from me."

Skjermbilde 2018-08-24 kl. 11.17.09.png

Allister about Sissel

"Sissel is passionate about art and design. She is a strategic designer, identity developer and artist. She is always juggling several projects at the same time and never runs out of ideas! Her ability to see a brand from all angles and how it all comes together through the brand essence is quite unique. It comes from more than 20 years of experience but also her strong intuition and "knowing". Sissel just knows if things are right. No need to test them out. Quite the opposite from me ;-)"


Creative Facilitation for

World Economic Forum

March 2018

"On behalf of the team I wanted to thank you again for all the thought and hard work you put into making our team retreat so meaningful and special. We very much appreciated your skilful facilitation and loved the insightful and inspiring art and performance interjections. Now the ball is in our court to keep the spirit of these two days and go deeper on the topics discussed."

Sebastian Buckup
Head of Global Programming Group

World Economic Forum

Creative Facilitation for

World Economic Forum

September 2018

"Thank you so much Sissel and Allister
- it was a very enriching few days thanks to you!

Now the hard work begins to make sure we apply the magic we created together into our day to day work...but the seeds have been planted!

Thank you.

Emma Benemauer
Head of People and Culture

World Economic Forum